duration: 62 min

Directed & edited by: Ana Opalić, Noah Dalija Pintarić
With: Ana Opalić, Ivana Kovačić, Mima Simić, Noah Dalija Pintarić, Helena Janečić, Gabrijela Ivanov, Nataša Pršir, Tajana Josimović, Marta Šušak
Filmed by: Ana Opalić
Produced by: Dijana Mlađenović
Dramaturgy by: Jasna Žmak
Music by: U pol’ 9 kod Sabe

Production: Kinematograf, 2014.

ZagrebDox 2014 - Regional Competition
Liburnia Film Festival 2014 - Competition
Days of Croatian Film 2014 - Competition
Movie Vox Feminae 2014
One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2015, Prague
Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 2015
Supetar Super Film Festival 2015

ONCE AGAIN  is a documentary film following the lives of five friends - four lesbians and one transsexual person - over the span of seven years. In the period from 2007 to 2013. Ana, Noah, Mima, Helena and Ivana have passed through several intense emotional relationships – they broke off and started new relationships, fell in love, fell out off love, got disappointed in themselves as well as in others ... and they talked about all that among themselves and with the camera. We follow protagonists from marginal and discriminated social positions, who are trying to understand the nature of mutual relationships through their own “failed” love stories.
The film was created as a result of team of authors and participants need to perceive the intimate processes they go through while trying to get answers to questions about reasons and ways in which love overcomes us.