Genre: eksperimental, fiction
Duration: 21 min
Production: Kinematograf, 2020.
Co-production: Apoteka-Space for Contemporary Art

Scaffold is a story about a man who after a long time returns to his hometown, where he once lived as a child, to visit his father on deathbed. On that return home, on the train, through the infinite landscape, he returns to the house where he once lived, not to encounter the boy who reminds him of it. A boy through a lavish decadent story reveals the secret of a child who has followed him throughout his life. It is a secret that will rescue a man in the puzzle of his fears, so that he can not forgive his father.

Livio Badurina
Tomislav Letinić
Sergio Rovina



Director: Matja Debeljuh
Screenwriter: Matija Debeljuh
Producer: Dijana Mlađenović
Director of Photography: Josip Ružić Pino
Editor: Matija Debeljuh
Sound Designer: Luka Gamulin
Art Director: Luka Stojnić
Costume Designer: Desanka Janković
Make up Designer: Petra Pekica