What if we are?

short documentary
Duration: 36 min
Written and directed by: Domagoj Matizović Ristić
Cast: Aleksandra Demše, Robert Valkaj
Production: Kinematograf, 2016.


This is a movie about one of those Serbian and Croatian love couples contemplating long-distance relationships, the world they live in and themselves. This is also a reflection of separation in this ever since burdened area, in the negative sociopolitical climate, in the defeatist atmosphere of the Eastern European version of capitalism, through a heavy curtain between the Unionized and the "other" Europe.
Hundreds of kilometers of the Pannonian highway represent the background for removing layers, revealing the intimate story of yearning, loneliness and personal unrest, made of the abundance of similar stories happening every day

Producer: Dijana Mlađenović
Director of Photography : Mario Topić
Editor: Alen Zanjko
Composer: David Rössger
Sound design: Vjeran Šalomon
DI Colorist: Mirela Budimić, ATERstudio
Translation: Ana Ristić Matizović
Make up: Marija Nikolić