animated series (project development)
Screenplay by Mima Simić, Jasna Žmak and Matija Pisačić
Directed by Tvrtko Rašpolić and Matija Pisačić
Artwork by/art director/co-screenwriter: Matija Pisačić



Animated series The Adventures of Gloria Scott is based on the eponymous cult short story collection by the Croatian author Mima Simić, who is also one of the scriptwriters.

Detective Gloria Scott and her companion Mary Lambert run around 19th century London (and other European and world cities/countries), solving mysterious cases applying unusual methods of deduction.

Gloria Scott is pretentious, arrogant, full of vices, socially insensitive, with no sense of responsibility, fails to adhere to conventional detective procedures, she never examines witnesses, she repeatedly administers justice herself… All of this often results in innocent people being killed (in various, often quite creative ways). However, despite her seemingly insane, immoral and homicidal behavior, Gloria remains a sympathetic figure to viewers. Her charming bursts of absurdist deduction push the narrative forward at crazy speed, much like our heroine herself is driven by high doses of adrenaline and occasional consumption of illegal substances.

Although the protagonist of the series is the detective Gloria Scott, her adventures are recounted by her loyal companion Mary Lambert, who leads us into each adventure/episode and guides us out of it. Her voiceover is the voice of a pseudo-omniscient, subjective narrator, who follows the action of the film, fills in the blanks and explains confusing parts, often, to be sure, creating new ones.

Even though the series is set in 19th century London, it deals with many burning global issues of today - from gender/sexuality and identity construction, to systems of control (politics, religion, media); the role of popular culture in the (re)production of stereotypes, feminism, domestic violence; workers’, students’ and animal rights etc.

The main objective of the animated series is to provoke and stimulate viewers’ alertness, memory, perception and value systems; and all this through exciting entertainment, fascinating visual identity and animation, as well as through miniature narrative and cultural traps.