THE ADVENTURES OF GLORIA SCOTT - Murder in the Cathedral

(animation / '15 "39 / Kinematograf, 2020.)

poster Gloria Scott - Murder in the Cathedral

The early 20th century London. Famous detective Gloria Scott and her faithful companion Mary Lambert are spending a quiet evening in their office. Then, an unknown murderer kills professor Jansen at their doorstep. A new adventure awaits them.

Jadranka Krajina, Matko Knešaurek, Andy Tomlinson, Scott Fortney, Gavin Benson

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Genre: eksperimental, fiction
Duration: 21 min
Production: Kinematograf, 2020.
Co-production: Apoteka-Space for Contemporary Art

Scaffold is a story about a man who after a long time returns to his hometown, where he once lived as a child, to visit his father on deathbed. On that return home, on the train, through the infinite landscape, he returns to the house where he once lived, not to encounter the boy who reminds him of it. A boy through a lavish decadent story reveals the secret of a child who has followed him throughout his life. It is a secret that will rescue a man in the puzzle of his fears, so that he can not forgive his father.

Livio Badurina
Tomislav Letinić
Sergio Rovina


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short experimental documentary
duration 17 min
director Neli Ružić

The film NOWHERE poetically explores the personal experience of departure/return and rebuilding identities. Dramaturgy consists of two backbones - a scene portraying a sculpture "Before the dawn" by Neli Ružić and the monument of Bogdan Bogdanović "The Guardian of Freedom", both of which were set up at the Klis fortress during the different moments in history,   given up to entropy and social changes.
The conditions in which these sculptures have been found activate the archeology of time, invisible and erased history.
The film intends to use narration and visuals to depict the interweaving of personal, autobiographical and historical situations, individual and collective memories, but also the concept of identity as an unstable structure.

scriptwriter/director  Neli Ružić
script contributors Marjan Alčevski, Ivana Meštrov
camera Boris Poljak
editing Neli Ružić
music Ricardo Cortés
narration Neli Ružić
sound designer Tonči Bakotin/Studio Sensoria
producer Dijana Mlađenović
production Kinematograf, 2018.

Split Film Festival - International Festival of New Film


short documentary
duration 18 min
director Elvis Lenić

Traditional customs of Istria. Singing. Gastro pleasure. All this in the ancient ritual of pig slaughter . What is the significance of meat today? Can we give up on its utilitarian rudimentary due to political, ecological, nutritional and other contemporary trends ?!

scriptwriter  Elvis Lenić
camera Matija Debeljuh, Elvis Lenić
assistant Ida Skoko
editing Matija Debeljuh
sound designer Martin Semenčić
DI colorist Mirela Budimić
producer Dijana Mlađenović
production Kinematograf, 2018.

Liburnija Film Festival, Opatija 2018 – the best film, the best regional film, the best sound design



30’ / Croatia / 2017

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (Cannes Director’s Fortnight), Cannes, world premiere

Family tensions are slowly eroding what should have been a carefree summer for 10-year old Jakov. Shielded by the innocence of a child, Jakov does not understand the cause of the troubles, but can sense a profound injustice in the actions of the grown ups. A series of events ending in tragedy will incite his emotional revolt, but also his feelings of guilt.

Jakov: Roko Glavina, Mother: Lana Barić, Father: Milivoj Beader, Peko: Nikša Butijer, Rosa: Areta Ćurković, David: Franko Jakovčević, Vanja: Donat Zekoiere

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(a feature-film omnibus / 80' / Croatia /  2018)
The thematic framework of the anthology feature film DEEP CUTS is violence in all of its forms: as a destruction of intimacy, family, integrity, trust – in explicit or implicit manner, mental, physical, emotional violence.

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a short feature film
Directed by: Dijana Mlađenović
Duration: 12’55’’

Vesna: Alma Prica
Ivan: Franjo Kuhar
Soldiers: Nikša Butijer, Zvonimir Jurić, Slaven Španović
Neighbor: Biljana Pusić

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What if we are?

short documentary
Duration: 36 min
Written and directed by: Domagoj Matizović Ristić
Cast: Aleksandra Demše, Robert Valkaj
Production: Kinematograf, 2016.

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Duration 18:55 min
Format: HD
Director: Radislav Jovanov Gonzo
Cast: Judita Franković, Ivana Roščić
Script: Jasna Žmak
Camera: Marko Brdar
Set design: Veronika Radman
Editing: Ana Štulina, Andrija Gvozdić Michl
Music: Radislav Jovanov Gonzo
Executive production: Kinematograf
Executive producer: Dijana Mlađenović
Production: Propeler Film
Producers: Boris T.Matic, Lana Ujdur
Production: 2012.

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